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Kentucky medical insurance quotes will only take a few minutes and can help you find the medical insurance you need.  Did you know that Kentucky is the forty-fourth healthiest state to live in?  Your overall health is directly related to your medical expenses now and in the future.

Here is some good news:

  • Kentucky was recognized for having a low rate of binge drinking in 2010.  This placed Kentucky in the last ten states for this measurement.
  • The rate of violent crime is also fairly now.  In 2009 Kentucky had 296 offenses per 100,000 people, and that numbered decreased to 259 in 2010.

It is so important to have medical insurance coverage just in case an accident happens.  Kentucky medical insurance quotes will help you find the coverage you require at a great rate. 

On the flip side, here is some negative news:

  • Kentucky has the highest rate of smokers in all the states.  It's hard to believe that almost 26 percent of residents smoke.
  • They also have the poorest ranking for number of deaths due to cancer.  This does make sense though, as they do have the most smokers.  Oddly, the cardiovascular deaths have decreased considerably.
  • Sad fact is that obesity in Kentucky is not slowing down.  It has increased since 2005, from 25 percent to almost 33 percent.

The best time for you to get medical insurance coverage is before you develop any health complications.  Kentucky medical insurance quotes can help you take the first step, which is inevitably the hardest.

If you do not have access to a group benefit plan, it would be wise for you to look into getting private coverage.  There are four different health plans that will be explained. 

Individual Health Insurance Sold by Private Insurers

Your ability to purchase private health insurance may depend on your health status, although there are conditions where you must be allowed to purchase health insurance.  Most insurance companies have the option of turning you away for certain medical conditions, or they may limit the coverage they will allow you because of this.

However, your genetic information can't allow you to be turned away no matter what.  This includes your family history in regards to health conditions.  As well, newborns are automatically covered the first 30 days of their life under their parent's policy. 

Your coverage will depend on what plan you buy.  There are certain conditions that must be covered in all policies, but the rest is up the insurance company.  When it comes to pre-existing conditions, if you have one, it will likely be excluded from your coverage.  There are guidelines around this that you will have to discuss with your insurance company.

Your premiums can vary greatly.  There is a maximum for each plan, but it is up to the insurance company to decide what your rate will be.  Your policy can't be cancelled because you are sick, but your premiums will go up upon renewal. Kentucky medical insurance quotes will give you the peace of mind that you are getting a great rate for your health insurance. 

COBRA Coverage

If you leave a job that includes group coverage, you can likely stay with your group plan for an extended period of time.  Of course there are certain conditions and restrictions that apply, and you will need to speak with your insurance provider about them.  In general this coverage is offered for up to 60 days after your employment ends.  The extended coverage can last for up to three years. Kentucky medical insurance quotes will help you compare these and other continuous policies to make sure you get the best rate you can.

Conversion Policies

If you are employed with a company that has full insurance coverage and you lose that coverage, you have the option of purchasing a conversion policy.  You need to have worked for at least three months and not have any other policies.

There are minimum requirements for coverage with this policy, and they may not be as extensive as you had with your employer.  The fee for this plan will be much more than your previous group policy.  Your policy can't be cancelled because you get sick, but your premiums will rise on their annual renewal date.

Kentucky Access

This coverage is for people that are high-risk and would like health insurance coverage.  If you are HIPAA eligible, you are guaranteed the right to buy individual health insurance.  Otherwise Kentucky Access coverage is an option, although there are terms and restrictions for qualifying.  You can check directly with Kentucky Access to see what the conditions are.

The bottom line is that there are numerous options available for medical insurance coverage and it's important that you make sure you get the coverage you need by using Kentucky medical insurance quotes. 


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