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Louisiana medical insurance quotes will show you the best rates for your medical insurance needs.   Unfortunately there are a lot of people who do not have health insurance protection for one reason or another.  Some consider themselves healthy and believe they don't need to be wasting their money on health insurance coverage.  Others just plain can't afford it.  Both cases are unfortunate and often end up with disastrous results. 

With regards to money, Louisiana medical insurance quotes will find the best rates for you and your insurance needs.  Now if your employer offers group insurance medical benefits, that's great.  You will get great coverage for a fraction of what most independently insured people pay.  The reason the insurance companies can do this is because they are able to get a huge amount of lower-risk business from a company and this means they don't need to charge so much. 

One of the problems in Louisiana is that they seem to treat sickness instead of preventing it.  In turn, when it is treated it is often later, rather than sooner.  Health care coverage and availability is definitely a concern in Louisiana.  Here are a few interesting points.

  • Lack of Healthcare Providers - Unfortunately there are not enough health care providers for the population.  Louisiana ranked last in this department of all the states.  This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.
  • Too Late - Residents in Louisiana seem to get health care later.  The reason for this is because nearly one in four do not have insurance coverage and they are poor.  They don't have access to general health care, including prescription drugs and primary care.
  • Overcrowded Emergency Rooms - This is like a snowball effect.  The uninsured and poor often don't get any health care or only get care when they are seriously ill.  They often depend on hospital emergency rooms because they can't pay for prescriptions or a doctor's visit.  They also understand they can't be refused emergency care because they can't pay for it.  Louisiana medical insurance quotes will help you get the coverage you need just in case an emergency arises.  Make sure you and your family are protected before something happens.
  • Drastic Consequences – The fact is that people who don't have health insurance are at a huge disadvantage.  They are more likely to not get regular medical care, are more likely to be diagnosed with an illness in the later stages and are more likely to be hospitalized and die in the process.
  • Medicaid Limits - Unfortunately Louisiana has more limits with regards to Medicaid qualifications than most other states.  Lower income families and childless adults are the majority of the population that are uninsured and do not qualify for Medicaid.  Louisiana medical insurance quotes will show you that all medical insurance coverage doesn't have to be unaffordable.  Take a few minutes to get a quote today.
  • Medicaid Facts - Research proves that Medicaid members are in a better state of overall health than the uninsured.
  • Medicaid Funds Nursing Homes - Did you know that Louisiana has more nursing home beds, and higher usage than most other states?  This obvious overuse and surpassing capacity supports the Medicaid payouts for long-term care.
  • Dollars Divided - Out of every dollar spent for Medicaid in Louisiana for services for the elderly and long-term care, 93 cents went to nursing homes, leaving just seven cents to home based and community care.  The national average in 1999 was 81 cents and 19 cents, respectively.  It is important to protect yourself and get the medical insurance coverage you need through Louisiana medical insurance quotes.

Trying to find reasonable medical insurance often seems like a no-win situation for many reasons.

First off - You often need to qualify before you can get coverage.  If you are already sick or have a pre-existing condition, you may not be eligible to purchase health insurance coverage and if you are, it will cost you more or you will have certain exclusions. 

Secondly -
If you can't afford health insurance, then you are not going to be able to prevent illness.  By not being able to take care of your health, you will likely end up a lot sicker in the long run.  Instead of having to pay a little bit of money regularly, you could very well end up with huge bills for very serious health issues.  You could financially lose everything.  Whereas if affordable basic coverage was available to everyone, then a lot of the health problems could be prevented or at least controlled.

Third - If you don't have health insurance protection you could be financially sound one day, have an accident or illness and be $200,000 in debt when all is said and done.

Your life and the lives of your family members are just not worth the risk.  Use Louisiana medical insurance quotes to help you find the best rate for your situation.  It just doesn't make sense not to.


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