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Maryland medical insurance quotes will help you get the lowest price for your medical insurance needs.  Accidents and illness usually happen when you least expect it.  You may just be getting ready to go on your summer vacation, when you slip on your steps and unexpectedly break your arm.  This is something that can happen to anyone at any time. 

It is important to make sure you are protected if an unfortunate accident happens or if you become ill.  Maryland medical insurance quotes will make sure you find the medical coverage you are looking for. 

There are two broad categories for health insurance: Traditional or Managed. Within these two categories are four basic plans:

2.Preferred Provider Organizations
4.Health Maintenance Organizations

Maryland medical insurance quotes can help you compare these plans and find the best rate for your needs. It is important that you understand no one plan is the best.  Your needs and preferences will determine which plan will work for you.  There are many people who like the low cost of the HMO and others that prefer the autonomy with regards to the fee-for-service coverage.  Again, the choice is up to you. 

Traditional - Until about 30 years ago, the majority of people had traditional medical insurance.  Of course today it's known as fee-for-service.  They are sort of like auto insurance policies, in that you pay a certain amount of your expenses up front, which is referred to as a deductible, and when all is said and done your insurance company pays the majority of the bill. 

Well the advances in health care have led to increased costs all around.  Insurance companies have searched for ways to reduce their costs and now offer managed care. 

Maryland medical insurance quotes will help you find the cheapest traditional medical insurance plan to suit your needs.  Don't take the risk of not having a medical insurance policy.

Fee-for-service - A lot of the fee-for-service medicine has limitations and is managed.  An example is if you are already incapacitated, you will likely need to get permission to head to the emergency room.

With a fee-for-service plan you will incur more out-of-pocket expenses.  Normally there is a deductible of between $200 and $2,500 before an insurance company will start paying.  After the deductible has been paid, the insurance company will cover about 80 percent of the bills. 

Be careful because you may have to pay the bill and get reimbursed, although sometimes the provider will bill your insurance company directly. 

This plan only covers 'reasonable and customary' medical expenses, meaning there are a lot of grey areas with this policy.  It is wise to find out exactly what is covered when you are considering getting medical attention.  You could end up having to pay for the entire bill, if your insurance company decides it is not 'reasonable.'

Maryland medical insurance quotes will help you compare all the different options available to you and so you can choose the best one for you.

As well, these fee-for-service plans will have a maximum for the out-of-pocket expenses that you must pay.  After you hit the limit, the insurance company will pay 100 percent of your medical expenses that qualify for coverage under your policy. 

Essentially this plan will give you flexibility in exchange for more upfront costs, higher premiums and increased paperwork.

Managed - The majority of people with private plans have some type of managed care.  With managed care plans, the insurance company has an arrangement with a network of doctors.  If clients choose not to use these doctors, they will often end up paying the bill themselves.

PPO - PPOs provide low fees with a specific network of health care providers.  This type of policy pushes policy holders to stay within these boundaries or they will have to pay out-of-pocket for their medical bills. 

An example would be if you visited a network doctor you might pay a $10 service fee and if you saw a doctor outside of the network you would have to pay the bill in full up front and submit it to your insurance company afterwards.  Your insurance company would pay 80 percent of the bill, and you would be responsible for any other fees. 

With this plan you can refer yourself to a specialist who works within the network and only have to pay the co-pay or service fee.  If you stay within the network, you can avoid all the extra fees. 
Exclusive Provider Organizations will make you pay the full amount if you seek medical treatment outside the network.

Point-of-Service -
This plan runs like a PPO except you will have to choose your primary care physician from a group.  This plan also covers more preventative care such as health programs and learning how to stop smoking.

HMO - Health maintenance organization plans are the least flexible and the cheapest.  They will tell you what doctor you are seeing, and you even have to call before going to the emergency room.  HMOs are recognized for covering a lot of preventative care expenses.

Maryland medical insurance quotes will help you see which plan is the cheapest and most effective for you.  Please take a few minutes to make sure you have yourself covered in case a medical emergency arises.

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