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West Virginia medical insurance quotes will help individuals determine what type of medical insurance policy is the best one for themselves and their family.  West Virginia has some higher risk for some type of cancers as well as heart disease.  Obesity is also another concern in the state, and this will impact the rates of some insurance plans that are taken out by families as well as what the plans will and will not cover.  West Virginia has one of the highest rates of smoking as well, so these factors will most likely show up when insurers offer coverage.  Taking the time to get medical insurance quotes will help you be better prepared. 


Any health insurance company operating in the state of West Virginia or offering coverage to West Virginians must limit the numbers of pre-existing conditions that can be excluded.  In addition, if you do have insurance currently and are currently moving to another company, your previous coverage counts and you will not be denied due to a pre-existing condition. 

In addition, your insurance policy cannot be cancelled if you become ill and have a life threatening illness.  West Virginia medical insurance quotes can also let you know if you will be classified as a protected person who is HIPAA eligible.  If you are so classified, you will always have the ability to purchase a medical insurance plan from any insurance carrier who offers coverage to West Virginia residents.  In addition, you must have the ability to make your choice from between at least two different plans.  Be aware, however, that these insurance companies can charge you a higher cost due to your illness, your age and other important factors. 

Another insurance coverage is COBRA, which is offered if you are laid off from your current job, and this plan will allow you to purchase individual or family coverage.  Although there are state limits on what the insurance companies can charge, these rates are many times unaffordable for families who now have less income.  West Virginia medical insurance quotes will tell you what the prices can be under a COBRA plan.  

Limited Protections

The state of West Virginia will not prohibit insurance carriers from charging fees or rates that they consider acceptable.  If you are much older and in poorer health, you can be charged much higher premiums than people in their 30s or 40s are charged. 

Another thing to consider is that when you currently have medical insurance under a group plan with an employer and move to a new plan offered by your same employer that carries new benefits, the law in West Virginia allows an insurance company to limit what they will pay for if you have a pre-existing condition, and they may do so for up to a year.  For example, if you take medications for an illness such as diabetes, and you have been paying out of pocket because your old group insurance did not have prescription drug benefits, and then your employer elects to have a new group plan that adds drug benefits, the new company may refuse to pay for your diabetes medications for up to a year.  It may seem unfair, but there are no West Virginia state insurance laws that prevent a carrier from doing so.  Look at these policies by getting West Virginia medical insurance quotes. 

Low Cost or Free

Individuals who are lower income can review West Virginia medical insurance quotes for coverage through several different state programs.  Perhaps the most well known is Medicaid, which is a federal and state program designed to assist low income families with children.  In addition to this are the free or low cost screening programs for women for breast and cervical cancer.  These two screenings are very vital for any woman to obtain. 

For those who are turned down for traditional medical insurance coverage, the ability to join the West Virginia high risk insurance pool means coverage for them also.  This high risk pool will provide that necessary coverage, but mostly at higher costs.  This program is called AccessWV.  High risk patients are able to obtain the coverage, and although the costs can or will most likely be higher, than traditional carriers, at least people will have the coverage they need. 

No matter what illness or condition you may have, access to insurance is not guaranteed for every West Virginia resident.  So for this and many reasons, you really should get information online through West Virginia medical insurance quotes.  This will let you stack up each insurance carrier against another so you can compare and contrast one with another.  This is the best way to protect yourself and your family, so that you are able to find out what all of the insurance carriers offer in their respective plans. 

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