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Wisconsin medical insurance quotes can be one of the most important ways to review all of the state’s medical insurance carriers.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin carries the distinction of being the worst state in the United States for binge drinking, with about 23 percent of residents engaging in this activity.  Additionally, with this distinction, insurance companies can charge higher rates for including programs such as substance abuse treatment in their policies. The rates of obesity are also increasing, as they are in many other states.  These two factors can play a part on the amount of money an individual seeking insurance may have to pay.  Using Wisconsin medical insurance quotes online can help anyone see what the different insurance carriers are charging for their policies.  

Another important thing to keep in mind is that in Wisconsin, insurance providers are able to turn you down for insurance coverage if you have a pre-existing condition, because of your age, or other factors. 

Things to Consider

When looking online and obtaining Wisconsin medical insurance quotes for various providers, there are several things to consider before applying to one particular company for your coverage needs.  Here are just a few of them:

  • If you currently have a regular doctor for yourself and your children, make sure to look at the insurance provider’s list to see if your doctor is included in that carrier’s provider network.  If he or she is not, you may want to continue to review other companies.
  • Does the company’s plan offer benefits for both common and emergency situations? Are you able to obtain prescription drug coverage with the carrier?  If someone in the family becomes pregnant, is there coverage for the expectant mother and well baby care once the baby is born?  These are just a few of the important questions you may have.
  • One of the more common questions is how much will it cost me?  That is, of course, one of the greatest factors taken into consideration.  Families are having trouble making ends meet, not only in the state of Wisconsin, but all over the country.  Being able to afford coverage is crucial.  Included in this is not only the total premium amount each month, but the amount of any co-pays that will need to be paid.

Another thing to consider is what if you apply and you’re denied coverage for any reason?  Well, if you have an existing condition, you may enter the state of Wisconsin’s high risk pool, which they call HIRSP.  If you are HIPAA eligible, you will be able to obtain coverage if the reason for your denial is a pre-existing condition that the prospective insurer doesn’t want to cover.  Be aware, though, that your premiums for this type of coverage will most likely be higher than if you were accepted into a traditional insurance plan. 

In addition, you must have been without any type of medical insurance coverage for at least six months prior to applying for entry into the high risk pool. 

Insurance Lingo

Another way that obtaining Wisconsin medical insurance quotes can assist you when researching different companies is that it will decipher all the insurance lingo that comes with each insurance carrier.  Many times policies or plans are worded in technical terminology that many individuals do not understand them.  In order to understand which insurance company has the best plan for you, you will need to look at how policies are worded and what their meanings are. 

Another item that has many individuals confused is the explanation of benefits that everyone receives after they have seen a doctor or had tests conducted.  This is not a bill, however, many people panic when they see the totals and they do not understand how to read the report.  Getting the information from the insurance carrier and looking into how the individual companies set up their explanation of benefits letters may assist each individual in comparing companies. 

Important Coverage

If you have a family and need coverage for yourself, a spouse and children, using Wisconsin medical insurance quotes online to look up the insurance companies and compare them is a great first step to finding out the information you will need.  Reviewing all of the companies will enable you to make a good informed choice from the various programs and insurers available in the state. 

If you are considering a move to Wisconsin and do not carry insurance through one of the insurance companies that service that state, you will definitely need to research information and therefore Wisconsin medical insurance quotes are the only viable way to obtain the information.  As an out of state resident, there is not enough time to personally visit or telephone all of the insurance companies to make your comparisons.  However, make sure that you do get the insurance coverage that you and your family need.


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